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Beta Capital Management - Products and Services

Common to all investors is the need to meet their financial goals in both the short- and long-term. As a financial institution, Beta implements strategies that recognize the constantly evolving market environment. BCS’s philosophy is to respond to the challenges posed by today’s ever changing financial environment by offering ongoing, high quality investment advice, as well as a range of globally diversified products and services.

Fixed income

By talking to our clients, our specialists are able to analyse their financial situation and offer them a wide range of investment vehicles such as sovereign debt, corporate debt, preferred stock, commercial paper, agencies, municipals and CDs.

Equity, ETF and mutual funds

At Beta Capital Securities LLC we implement investment strategies that include stocks in US and foreign markets to offer our clients a variety of options from a larger universe of investment choices for each investor profile. Our aim is to deliver consistent and sustained returns over time.

Our strategies include direct investments in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds or separately managed accounts with notable third party managers.


Renta Variable
Equity investments
Evaluation of companies
Accredited network of large investors
Ad hoc industry analysis
Personalized portfolio management
Analysis of strategic positions in listed companies
Executing block trades
Fundamental analysis
Futures and commodities

Beta provides access to all asset classes accross 75 markets around the globe. For certain investors that are suitable, Beta provides access to direct execution services in futures and commodities. Whether for speculation in the asset class or for protection as a part of a hedging strategy, Beta can provide keen insight.

Options and Derivatives

Beta Capital provides investment strategies that may include options and derivatives as part of an overall investment plan. Options and derivatives are financial instruments that may enhance access to an asset class or help protect an investment from loss as a hedge.

Separate account management

Beta provides access to a wide range of third party “specialty” managers that fit in with our philosophy of accessing best-in-class advice. Therefore, providing access and supervising the external management of a particular strategy can add significant value to our clients’ assets.

Alternative Investments

Structured products, hedge funds and private equity.

Alternative investments can form part of a well diversified investment plan, whose risk levels will vary depending on each individual’s investor profile. Although these investments tend to be more illiquid with a longer term time horizon for investment return, they often tend to provide access to an asset class, sector or idea otherwise not available in public listed markets.