Our management model

Beta Capital Management - Management Model

At Beta Capital Securities LLC, we are in touch with what our clients want as we start by listening and understanding their needs. We go on to analyse their profiles with particular emphasis placed on individual risk aversion in their financial decisions and financial goals. We provide tailored advice to help each individual client attain his or her specific goals.

Safe custody

In keeping with the highest standards in safeguarding client assets, Beta employs the clearing and custody services provided by Raymond James & Associates, Inc., which we have selected on the basis of its leading position, reputation and reliability as a high quality custodian. However, should a client prefer to keep assets in custody with a service provider other than Raymond James & Associates, Inc., we have other strategic partners that are able to work with our clients at their request to provide custody services alongside our independent management.

Tailored Solutions

Every client presents a different set of criteria, which Beta examines individually so that it is able to come up with specific solutions to meet each client’s goals. We leverage our independent and collective experience coupled with Crèdit Andorrà’s additional resources, as well as some of the leading financial resources in the industry.


Our philosophy towards the management of investments is to make them flexible in the face of complex and ever changing market environments. Our ultimate purpose is to provide a customized management service in line with our clients' preferences regarding risk and management style by choosing the most suitable investments and vehicles.

Comprehensive approach to wealth

At Beta Capital Securities LLC we use our network of expert partners to look into every aspect of wealth management, such as succession planning, inheritances, business development, taxes and liabilities. The idea behind this comprehensive approach is to preserve the wealth of our clients in the long-term, which requires:

  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the personal and financial position of each client.
  • Working with clients’ tax advisors to provide tax-efficient solutions to maximize returns.
  • Monitoring our clients’ investments continuously and adapting to changes in the market.